Monday, July 20, 2015

Tablets not just for facebook....

 I got a new nook tablet awhile back. This little thing has caused some strife. I hear him sigh when he sees me with it thinking there she is playing games again. Ahhhh but that's not all its good for. So he has started asking me what are  you doing? Well much to his surprise he asked me what are you doing now? I was like uh oh. Then I said well if you want to see what I was doing... I clicked the tablet and what does he see. Porn I have been watching porn on my tablet. The thing is I have probably watched more than he realized.

 What kind of porn was I watching. Bondage porn is a favorite. Watching these poor girls helpless to stop all that delicious torture. I have also watched a few on squirting wondering if maybe it might be something to try. Lastly anal sex porn. So yes chicks are watching porn. I was sadly disappointed that the tablet friendly site didn't have much in the way of spanking porn. This being my all time favorite.

 The next time Daddy sees me with my tablet in the bathtub (oh yes I watch porn in the bathtub). I bet he will ask me what are you watching now?


  1. much better than playing games!!!!

  2. Wonders if Daddy wants to play?

  3. Glad you are using your tablet to the best of its abilities!! LOL, I like porn too!!