Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ginger smacks....

So I guess my problem is I want it all and I want it now. I guess you could say I had a full on tantrum.

He Was none to pleased with me.

So He says get your hair fixed and disappears for a few minutes (now this didnt even register but man it should have). Then he comes back and stacks a huge pile of pillows in the middle of the bed and i giggled and said omg you cant be serious. Mistake number 1. Not the time to be silly.

So now the restraints come out and oh how i love bondage. I am thinking well this just gets better. Now at this point im smart enough to keep my thoughts to myself. It feels so good being restrained and wow im totally exposed the pillows have the desired effect. Thats when the first smack comes. I let out a little shriek and after a few more smacks I was like what is that? He says oh that's the hair brush. Mental note I am not a fan of the hair brush im wiggling and stuggling and every blow is still landing as he pleases. Then he switches it up and I hear that familiar sound of the belt and I growl a little struggle more. Then I hear him say "so you think I haven't been thinking about you?". With that he spreads my bottom and works something in and I know almost immediately what it is and i gasp in surprise at the sensation of the ginger. Now if you never experienced this. The best way to describe it is as hot and tingly. The more you struggle the more it tends to warm up.Then he pulls out the cane and every time it makes contact the sensation increases.

So things I learned. Don't act like a spoiled brat, and always check the bags when Daddy comes back from town. He does know how to surprise me even now.

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