Thursday, July 16, 2015

Catastrophe averted...

We have a little fella. He is a cat who thinks he is a dog. This little fella was orphaned and was hand raised from just 2 weeks old. He was almost froze to death when we found him and I had almost given up on saving him....but i don't give up easily. Lots of time and love went into him and he is the sweetest quirkiest little guy. 

He usually sleeps with us. Last night I called him and there was no reply and I said well fine then spend the night without me to sleep on then. This morning I got up and it wasn't the usual routine. The usual routine is I let the dog out the cat follows. I put the water down for the dog and the cat goes over has some too. He is the dogs shadow. The dog was shadowless. No cat so I went now where did he get off too. I started checking everywhere. Then after I gave the house the once over I went and got Daddy going omg I cant find the little guy. 

So now the hunt is on. All those little places only the little guy can get in. Upstairs downstairs and no luck. I am starting to panic. I was so flip the night before now I am all panicked going I cant go to work not knowing where he is and that he is safe. 

Well we finally found him. He managed to get himself trapped in a cabinet for heaven sakes. I was never so relieved to see his furry little butt.

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