Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The verdict on new toys...

I started talking about our adventure in toy buying. Then I disappeared. Well I wish it was because all those toys kept us so busy I couldn't find the time to write.

 I felt great  about my selections even if I felt I spent to much only to find out Daddy out did himself and spent twice as much lol. I got that magic wand with an attachment (for him). I got some cool vibrating toy also for him. He seemed to like them both. I loved the wand though dang it can get intense.

He bought stuff to round out our electro set which we haven't even gotten to yet. He then grins and says seeing as I took care of the pleasure part when with the magic wand he opted to get me something that provided a little sting. Its a rubber strap it looks flimsy but wow packs a wallop.

Daddy had a great birthday and seemed pleased.

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  1. *grin* you mean I said that you took care of the pleasure part, so I was practical and got you something you really "needed".....